Health Law Mediation

Health Law Mediation

TTL Health Law’s years of experience in representing health professionals and providers has uniquely qualified them to fully understand the legal, ethical and practical problems encountered in the health industry, in the institutional setting and in every work place. The senior counsel and principal of the firm, Tracey Tremayne-Lloyd, has lectured extensively on workplace harassment policies, and strives to ensure that the pendulum does not swing too far to the “accountability” side against professionals.

TTL Health Law knows the difference between harassment and normal human behaviour, priding them on an ability to carefully deconstruct such cases, ensuring that justice prevails. The firm has an astute understanding of the law and what constitutes professional physician behaviour. TTL Health Law’s weighty experience in the health law specialty allows them to easily distinguish between “abusive” physician behaviour and an isolated incident of bad judgement, and mediate accordingly. The firm can report and recommend fair and even-handed legal and ethical resolutions to all of these issues in the health care workplace.

For mediation services, TTL Health Law will estimate the time and expertise involved in the assignment and will provide a contractual fee quote for the services rather than the usual hourly rate billing.

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