Counsel to Litigators

Counsel to Litigators

TTL Health Law regularly provides its services to lawyers representing clients in both criminal and civil proceedings and in healthcare business acquisitions and mergers. Working collaboratively on the standards of professional practice, the legal billing rules and on the regulatory and compliance requirements of the business transaction, the lawyers at TTL Health Law bring a unique service to its colleagues.

Due to their extensive experience in health law and the extent of their reputation and their contacts with health professionals, TTL Health Law can also provide a unique service to lawyers in the civil litigation arena as an expert witness in health law disputes of the civil-contractual nature, as a resource to malpractice or personal injury lawyers in reviewing the facts of the case, determining the medical, dental or nursing specialty required to pursue the case and to retaining the appropriate expert on that lawyer's behalf.

The health law lawyers are also available to provide second chair strategic planning and assistance to lawyers handling cases with fundamental health law components, in both the administrative and the civil litigation forum.

For the criminal bar, TTL Health Law can assist as consultants with advice and assistance on the issues involving fraudulent billing allegations in view of their extensive knowledge on the provisions of the OHIP schedule of benefits and the legal and ethical billing requirements of a government healthcare system. The team is also experienced in defending sexual assault allegations and providing a framework for the defence in the context of the health law standard of practice and the medical indications for the performance of certain examinations tests or procedures as well as assisting in locating appropriate experts.

TTL Health Law has a unique knowledge and understanding of medical record-keeping and proper interpretation of the same, knowing immediately if the medical record is complete, or deficient when produced in the context of litigation.

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