TTL Health Law Services

Representing clients zealously, maintaining the highest ethical standards, and remaining at the forefront of health law are the foundations of our firm. TTL Health Law is a full-service firm for health care professionals, providers, institutions, agencies, businesses, and partnerships.

Advocacy and Representation of Health Care Professionals

TTL Health Law provides legal services and representation to Physicians, Nurses, Dentists, Pharmacists, as well as all of the health professionals regulated under the regulated Health Professions Act.

Consulting for Health Care Businesses

TTL Health Law has extensive experience as a consultant to businesses specific to the health care field, including health care joint ventures and public/private partnerships.

Counsel to Litigators

TTL Health Law regularly provides its services to lawyers representing clients in both criminal and civil proceedings and in healthcare business acquisitions and mergers.

Health Law Mediation

TTL Health Law’s years of experience in representing health professionals has uniquely qualified them to fully understand the legal, ethical and practical problems encountered in the health industry.

Support and Advice to Medical Staff Association

Accepting the privilege of election to the Medical Staff Association Executive is a serious commitment and duty to represent the voice of the medical staff individually and collectively.

Workshops and Training in Health Law Issues for health professionals, institutions and associations

Senior Counsel, Tracey Tremayne-Lloyd (TTL), is widely sought after as a lecturer and educator. She is available to present on important and emerging new legal issues.



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