Hospital Appointments and Privileges

Hospital Appointments and Privileges

Hospital appointments are a year-over-year privilege, not a right. Many situations can give rise to one’s hospital appointment not being renewed or being taken away from a member of the medical staff. Every member of a public hospital is entitled to be treated with judicial fairness and due process in these situations. Depending on the facts and circumstances of individual situations, a professional may have legal rights that can provide protection and reasonable resolution. Illness for example could give rise to human rights protections in the process. Education can protect in the face of interference with an appointment on grounds of non-collegiality or allegations of abusive behaviour in the hospital workplace.

Recent developments in the law also now protect those who sometimes become the target of personality disputes with medical or management leadership. Hospital appointments are now hard to obtain and easy to lose. Early advice and intervention by health law specialists and/or lawyers such as those at TTL Health Law can mean the difference between continuing to work and not.

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