Tracey Tremayne-Lloyd, LL.B., J.D., C.S.
Certified Specialist in Health Law

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Tracey Tremayne-Lloyd (TTL) is a Certified Specialist in Health Law and has been practicing health law for over three decades. 

At the time that TTL began her dedication to the study and practice of health law, the subject was not taught in Canadian law schools, nor was it recognized as a specialty by the Law Society of Upper Canada.

Recognizing the changing legal landscape and increased legal oversight and accountability in health care delivery, TTL became a writer, lecturer, and practitioner in a new regulatory, policy driven, and legally restrictive arena.

"representing clients zealously, maintaining the highest ethical standards, and communicating well with clients are the foundations of my practice."

TTL founded the Health Law Section of the Ontario Bar Association in 1987 and was its first National Health Law Chair. In conjunction with a highly specialized committee she assembled, TTL authored and published the first report from the legal profession across North America on the legal implications of HIV/AIDS and the protection of civil rights.

TTL is widely recognized for her expertise in the representation of the health professions of Ontario, Canada and the US. With extensive experience in the Superior, Divisional and Courts of Appeal of Ontario, she has successfully represented numerous clients before many of the top administrative boards and tribunals, including Medical Advisory Committees and Boards of Governors of various Ontario hospitals.

Throughout her career as a health law lawyer, TTL has had her hand on the pulse of the health law business. Nurturing health law's development from the beginning, TTL is a specialist on its origins and a leading voice and expert in its current applications. She will be a strong and anchoring force for its future.


  • Call to the Ontario Bar, 1984
  • Law Society of Upper Canada, Certified Specialist in Health Law
  • University of Western Ontario, J.D., 1983


  • Best Lawyers in Canada, 2022
  • Martindale-Hubbell® BV® Distinguished™ Peer Review Rating
  • Distinguished Lawyer, Expert Network, 2017
  • America's Most Honored Professionals, American Registry, 2016
  • Dean's List of Honour Students, University of Western, 1983
  • Distinguished Alumni Award (First recipient), University of Western

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Expert Network - TTL Award 2017


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Organizations & Professional Appointments

  • American Institute of Law and Medicine
  • American Trial Lawyers Association
  • Canadian Bar Association
  • Canadian Bar Association - Health Law Section - Ontario Branch, Chair (Founder), 1984 -1988
  • Canadian Bar Association - National Health Law Section, Chairman,1985-1989
  • International Bar Association
  • International Who's Who of Professionals
  • Law Society of Upper Canada
  • Medico-Legal Society of Toronto
  • National Health Lawyers Association
  • The Advocates' Society, Board of Directors, 2011-2012
  • Women's Law Association

Community Involvement


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Tracey is a remarkably gifted lawyer, specializing in health law. Not only is she extremely knowledgeable in her field, but she drills down with such precision and persistence, doing everything possible on behalf of her clients. She is also highly sensitive to privacy concerns, giving the utmost respect to any issues relating to the protection of health-related data. It is always a pleasure to work with Tracey!

Ann Cavoukian, Ph.D., , Commissioner, Information and Privacy Commissioner of Ontario

Tracey is the go-to person when it comes to health law issues. Her thorough understanding of health law makes Tracey the only lawyer I trust. I would 100% recommend her to a colleague who requires advice or representation on any health law issue encountered in the practice of dentistry.

Cosmetic Dentist ,

Whether it’s providing guidance, giving proactive advice in order to prevent an unpleasant situation or protecting your reputation and licence when faced with a challenge, Tracey really knows what she’s doing. No matter what the situation, she is the consummate professional, someone you can rely on to go in and accomplish what needs to be done. Though always eloquent, a great orator, and professional, Tracey can be tough when the situation warrants it. I have already recommended her to colleagues and I will continue to do so without hesitation.

Family Dentist ,

I have had the good fortune of dealing with Tracey Tremayne-Lloyd for a health law issue over the past three years. Tracey was hired by myself and several colleagues with regards to a professional issue for which she provided timely, clear and insightful thoughts as to the direction we should be taking in the matter.

At no time did I feel Tracey was eager to engage nor afraid of pursuing the issue. On the contrary, I felt she provided an objective perspective and quite well thought through advice.

In summary, our dealings with Tracey have provided some personal relief from an otherwise stressful situation. I would highly recommend her services.

Department Member , in a University Hospital setting

Tracey is an extraordinary person - and a lawyer of the first order. We named her as one of our inaugural Alumni of Distinction at the University of Western Ontario, Faculty of Law. I could not recommend her more highly!

Ian Holloway , QC Dean and Professor of Law, The University of Western Ontario

Working with Tracey as closely as I have for the last 27 years, I am in a position to comment on her speaking expertise and why she would add considerable value to any lecture, presentation or seminar. I have not only heard her present, but I have also presented with her as co-presenter. Tracey is one of those rare individuals that can create buzz and excitement as soon as she walks in the room and starts to speak. In my opinion, that’s exactly what you want at a presentation: “buzz”. You want people excited and that’s what Tracey delivers. Her presentation style is dynamic and alive and is NOT just someone reading PowerPoint slides. Once any presentation is complete, a leading indicator of the presentation’s success is the number of questions and participation from the audience. In Tracey’s presentations, the audience is so engaged that the question and discussion period will likely need to be cut off.

Stephen R. Binder, B.A. , C.A. , Partner, Grant Thornton LLP Personal and business accountant and advisor since 1985

I have heard Tracey speak on several occasions. I found her to be an articulate, forceful and entertaining speaker. She had a complete mastery of the subject matter and was able to communicate it in an effective manner.

Robert Solomon , Professor, Faculty of Law, University of Western Ontario, London, Ontario

Ms. Tremayne-Lloyd was the keynote speaker at the Medical Staff Association 2011 meeting on June 20, 2011. Her presentation was titled: “Hospital Governance: An Indispensable Joint Venture of Medicine and Management and Rights and Responsibilities of the Medical Staff”. The presentation was well received by the Medical Staff and the topic was certainly relevant. We would recommend her and have her back for any further topics.

Hien Ta, M.D., , FRCPC Past Medical Staff President, York Central Hospital

Several years ago I was fortunate enough to have been selected as a Tremayne-Lloyd Fellow here at Western Law. I used the funds to finish a book and to begin work on a new one. It dawned on me far too late that I had never thanked you for that splendid gift. The new book is to be published by Harvard Press in 2010. The TTL Fellowships provided ritual seed capital for this project, which required me to spend a good deal of time and money at The National Archive in Washington. Again, with many thanks.

R. W. Kostal , Professor of Law and History


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