TTL Health Law Welcomes Richard Posner as Counsel

Jan 4, 2022

TTL Health Law is pleased to welcome Richard Posner to the law firm as counsel. An experienced Toronto litigator, Richard’s addition bolsters TTL Health Law’s work in representation and advocacy for health professionals.

“Richard is a skilled and experienced defence counsel, and we look forward to introducing him to our clients,” said Tracey Tremayne-Lloyd, TTL Health Law’s Founder and Principal. “I have known Richard since he began his legal career and we are honoured to have him aboard.”

Richard has appeared at all levels of the court system including the Supreme Court of Canada and is experienced at representing physicians and other health care professionals charged with criminal, quasi-criminal, and regulatory offences.

Renowned for his creative problem solving and tireless work ethic, Richard is zealous in defending clients and is passionate about protecting and restoring their careers, livelihoods, and reputations. He promotes a collaborative approach in his practice, working hand-in-hand with clients and colleagues to achieve results.

Richard is delighted to join the TTL Health Law team and looks forward to meeting the firm’s clients over the coming days and weeks. He continues to serve as the Managing Partner at Lockyer, Posner, Craig Barristers & Solicitors, a prominent Toronto criminal defence law firm.

About TTL Health Law

Led by Tracey Tremayne-Lloyd, a Certified Specialist in Health Law, TTL Health Law expertly guides and supports clients through a broad range of business and advocacy health law issues. The law firm is composed of experienced consultants to health care businesses, practitioners, administrators, and fellow legal professionals who maintain a finger on the pulse of medical-legal issues in Canada and abroad.

TTL Health offers a breadth of expertise including the operation of licensed independent health facilities, professional complains and disciplinary actions, OHIP and other insurance audits, peer reviews and quality assurance, health law mediations, hospital governance and administration, and legal counsel to colleagues.



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