Tracey was the featured guest on Vancouver talk radio station CKNW's The Sean Leslie Show

Nov 15, 2014

Tracey Tremayne-Lloyd was invited to join the show and his callers in a lively discussion on Doctors' Rights and Physician-Assisted Suicide in Canada. Read more about Tracey's thoughts on this issue on her Health Law Blog, "A Doctor's Dilemma: Doctors' Rights and Physician-Assisted-Suicide in Canada". To listen to the radio clip, you can visit TTL Health Law's multimedia page or to view it on YouTube, click here.



I have heard Tracey speak on several occasions. I found her to be an articulate, forceful and entertaining speaker. She had a complete mastery of the subject matter and was able to communicate it in an effective manner.

Robert Solomon Professor, Faculty of Law, University of Western Ontario, London, Ontario

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