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Consultants in Business

Consultants in Business

TTL Health Law has special expertise and experience in all areas of the health law business, providing full services to help businesses with mergers and acquisitions of health clinics and structuring health industry related entities in a government sponsored health insurance scheme riddled with complicated compliance regulations.

TTL Health Law has extensive experience as a consultant to businesses specific to the health care field, including health care joint ventures and public/private partnerships, including free standing surgical units and development of rights protection, confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements, and navigating the regulatory framework that surrounds healthcare business across the country.

As health law consultants, the lawyers will advise on a client’s business plan with unmatched precision and speed; together with their supreme dedication and expertise. Tracey Tremayne-Lloyd was one of the first lawyers to restrict her practice to health law, including the legal implications of Canadian universal health insurance. The firm’s practice focuses on the business and legal implications of buying, selling or owning licenced independent health facilities and medical clinics. They are expert advisors on the regulatory requirements of owning or opening such businesses, and taking ethical and legal steps to ensure the compliance and approval of the health care business industry. TTL Health Law is a “one-stop-shop” for health law services.

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Mr. Will Lambert, a specialist in Health Law, has been our legal counsel for the past few years and has provided sound legal advice in a number of areas. These have included providing guidance with regards to management of our Medical Corporation as well as dealing with some complex legal issues to do with the changing shareholders of our corporation.

Mr. Lambert has always made himself readily available to deal with our legal issues. 

His legal advice has been prudent and conservative.  He is a shrewd lawyer with extensive knowledge of the health system in Ontario.

I would recommend Mr. Lambert to any health care professional needing legal counsel to advise on corporate or health law.

Medical Director, of a large diagnostic imaging department

Tracey Tremayne-Lloyd Health Law